About project


Concept of the project. The main aim of the project is to raise a social understanding of people by sharing wears and shoes with those who are suffering from economic recession.

Description of the project. Presently in Lithuania there are many people who have low income. More often they are lack of necessary needs: fees, food, wears, hygiene basic and etc. During economic recession this tendency is growing very fast. All these difficulties force people to focus on their own problems and little by little a community spirit is disappearing. Never the less, there are someone who will remind that the most important thing is a relation between people. This is one of the reasons why we want to raise people’s social comprehension and encourage to share all the good which they have to whose who are missing it.

So, “JCI Klaipeda” is organizing a project “Dovanokime”. People who have unnecessary wears or shoes will have an opportunity to get rid of these things and to help for those who need it. This is non-profit-making project, but JCI Klaipeda is encouraging indirect cooperation between two various groups of people. First group is those who have unnecessary wears and shoes. Finally second group is those who need wears and shoes. This can be like a remind, that even one brick can help to built something.

-“JCI Klaipeda” is responsible for fluent relation between these two groups.

-The capital of shopping and entertainment “Akropolis” gives an opportunity to share wears and shoes very easily. All you need is to take with you all this stuff before you visit these shopping centres in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Siauliai.

-Later Lithuanian Red Cross Society is responsible for wears and shoes. This Society is the only one who can open containers and to decide what to do with this stuff. Lithuanian Red Cross Society disinfects wears and shoes, so later on gives to people who really need it.

-JSC “ARGO ekspresas” came to help by making containers.

The project is sacred to Lithuanian people with low income.

The main aim of the project. To collect wears and shoes in containers and to give to those who really need.

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